What does the family membership include?
Here's a a video + full list of what we're all about.
Unique, curated book recommendations 
You select the topics you want to fill your bookshelf with and our system recommends the books that match your needs. You never have to feel like you don't know what book to buy next.
Reviews - by parents & for parents
You shouldn't have to google for hours to decide whether a book is a good choice or not.  Share your thoughts on a book and read those of other intentional parents to make an educated decision.
Reading Tracking 
Track how many books your family has read over time, you will be amazed at how motivating it is to read more when you see the number grow and earn badges for your hard work.
Achievements, Badges and Challenges
Work as a team with your family to crush goals like reading books, growing your home library, achieving life milestones, competing in challenges, engaging with the community and more.
Inspiration to do more with books
The true value of a children's book comes when you go beyond. Learn techniques to couple your books with activities, events and discussion. Get inspired to parent with literature.
Member-Only Content and Discounts
The club welcomes successful and impactful authors, illustrators and publishers to spill their secrets about their books, showcasing their values and providing sweet discounts to our members.
Monthly Themes
Reignite the excitement to read amongst your family members through monthly themes that include book suggestions and activity ideas. November's theme is gratitude.
An exclusive community of likeminded parents
Doing the whole parenting thing alone is hard, join other intentional families and journey through parenthood arm in arm. Take part in virtual events to get to know the community.
Some Frequently Asked Questions

Can we try out the club to decide if it's a good fit?
You can request a free trial from Samantha at addisonreads@gmail.com

Do each of my children need their own membership?
Absolutely not one single membership is enough for the whole family.

How much time do I need to make the most of this space?
That really depends on what you are trying to accomplish, but even if you only pop open the club
every once in a while to find your next favorite book & to track your reading progress, it's worth it.


I have always wanted to have a huge impact on who my children become.
& guess what
Our family bookshelf should be working for us not against us.
Let's do this!
But first, are you here for your family or someone else?
MY Family A Gift for Someone Else